Why are we different?

  • A long-term approach

    A healthy scalp leads to healthy hair. By focusing on the needs of our hair roots, we can all acheive our hair goals, no matter which hair type

  • Honouring traditions

    Our aim is to create the ultimate ritual inspired by ancient indian secrets for your to incorporate in your daily routine.

  • Scientifically backed

    By combining ancient principles of ayurveda with modern sicentifically-backed ingredients, we are fusing the best of both world to give you the best results.

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Meet the founder

Amidst the pandemic, I witnessed young individuals battling hair loss, anxiety, and insecurities, finding only temporary relief from over-the-counter products. As a healthcare professional, I emphasized holistic approaches and recognized the need for a lasting solution.

Through extensive surveys, I discovered the overlooked importance of scalp health, the primary cause of chronic hair issues. Inspired by ancient Indian practices and armed with clinically backed ingredients, I joined forces with a dedicated team of experts to create a sustainable hair care solution.

After two years of research and development, Resèt was born, offering a special blend of science and tradition for healthy, confident hair.

  • Re-sept logo


    Pronounced /riːˈsɛt/ our brand name was inspired by our mission to press reset on your scalp and begin your journey to healthy hair

  • Number 7 illustration

    7 active ingredients

    7 symbolises completeness and perfection, hence why each of our formulation has a perfect complex of 7 ingredients.

  • outline of mauritius map

    Our heritage

    Both our founder and the idea for Resèt were born in a beautiful, tropical, multi-cultural island called Mauritius! Our vibrancy celebrates our differences, diverse cultures and hair types.

  • atom science illustration


    We pride ourselves in being high-performance and result-driven. Our active ingredients are clinically proven to improve your hair health.

  • Indian doorway illustration

    Ancient practices

    Hair oils and head massages are a tradition in any Indian household. These practices are deeply rooted in the 3000 year-old science of ayurveda which we want to honour and share with the world.

  • tropical leaf illustration

    Nature meets science

    Using all naural ingredients is not sustainable nor safe. Our unique complexes comprise of a blend of natural and modern ingredients. We are commited to being transparent and as sustainable as we can.

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